The story of Apollo will give you more motivation to fight animal abuse

Apollo’s story will give you more motivation to go against animal abuse… By Apollo 🙏

This sad and heartbreaking story was published on Facebook by the  No somos perros agresivos, where I create a lot of indignation and impotence to all his followers for these following words:

Let’s talk about the story of Apollo? Apollo grew up with a family, became a puppy and became the baby of his family. On the morning of Thursday 08/31 around 10:00 a.m. Apollo was taken from his backyard by a monster, Apollo was lured with bread brought in a good way since he is a docile and friendly little face. When the owners realized that the door had been forced and they took a search in the surroundings, when they found a mess with several pm vehicles.

The summary of the barbarism: Apollo was stabbed, had multiple injuries to the body caused by a hammer, a broom handle, among other objects.

The assailant has still been detained at the scene and will probably be released and when he is tried he will pay with some social action. Apollo already had to undergo surgery, he had multiple cuts all over his body, he lost a lot of blood, and he was raped by inserting the broom handle into his anus.

Apollo is already well, recovering, maybe he will have some sequelae due to the trauma, but what about justice? Where are the bigots who live preaching the extinction of pit bulls? The only race that should be extinct is that of humans.

We have to fight for stronger laws, tougher penalties and every time someone says that pit bulls are dangerous, show the story of Apollo and so many others and tell them how dangerous humans are. If the dog created a religion, the devil would be the man.”

Share the story of Apollo so that the punishments for animal abuse become harsher.

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