The Soldier Was Forced To Leave His Dog On The Hospital Bed While The Dog Was Being Treated And Then A Crate Was Sent To Him.

He had to leave the dog on the hospital bed in a forced state 😢

When U.S. Army Special Agent Henry Alvarado took the oath to defend his country, he knew he would have to make many sacrifices. In the course of several deployments, Henry lost his beloved grandparents and he didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye to them. But his faithful German Shepherd, Dukey, is always there to comfort him.

After one such deployment, Henry returned home with Dukey and began preparing to move to Los Angeles. But unfortunately, Dukey was hit by a car and he needed very expensive surgery to save his life.

Henry frantically tries to carry out Dukey’s surgery, but the soldier can’t amass enough money. Soon after, he received orders to deploy to Alaska and report to the mission immediately. Since flights do not allow a sick dog to board, Henry is forced to leave his dog in this uncertain situation.

Kind hearts brought back a touching reunion ❤

When the staff at “Rescued from Hart” learned of Dukey and Henry’s helpless plight, they decided to organize a fundraiser for the dog’s surgery. People from all over the world were touched by this heartbreaking story and they managed to raise enough money for Dukey’s surgery!

In this video, Dukey is fully healed as he arrives in Alaska after months of spending time with his father. The soldier receives news of the crate, and he nervously marches to the airport while hoping for the best.

When Dukey finally steps out of the barrel, he jumps over to Henry and melts in his arms. The relieved couple could hardly hold back their tears as they hugged each other tightly!

We thank everyone who made this emotional reunion happen. We can never thank our soldiers enough for what they do!

Click the video below to see Henry and Dukey’s tearful reunion after months of uncertainty!

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