The puppy wanders to a naval base and meets the person he needs

The pup is a bright spot in the days of everyone who meets him.

Some dogs get lucky, as is the case with Griffon. The 6-month-old dog wandered the streets for so long that he gave up looking for a family.

Then, Griffon’s wanderings land him in the arms of someone who saved the dog in the most unlikely place – an overseas naval base.

“A US Navy Commander spotted a small dog but he realized that the dog would not be able to survive long here in such a dangerous environment, he took the dog in his arms and think about the motto of your unit,

“Who lives, lives” and he thinks the same must apply to this little soul,” said Paws of War, a nonprofit that provides service dogs for veterans. first responders, wrote on Facebook.

It wasn’t long before everyone on the base learned about Griffon and wanted to meet the dog.

The post adds, “As the Commander responsible for the care of Griffon, he has built a great bond with the puppy that follows him everywhere.”

Little Griffon was adopted by a family. Everyone who meets the dog finds it a joy.

The “unnamed” commander decided to take the Griffon and bring the dog home when he returned to the United States. According to Gary Baumann, a representative for Paws of War, the commander and Griffon will be reunited soon, although there are not many specific details at this time.

Baumann told The Dodo. “Griffon is a super dog.” He loves everyone and every dog ​​he meets.

The commander is from Maryland and has a wife and children to welcome Griffon home.”

We hope to have a reunion soon,” Baumann said.

To help dogs like Griffon, check out Paws of War.

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