The Pregnant Dog Was ‘Le.ft’ Behind When The Humans Moved.

There is no reason in the abandonment of an innocent animal that is considered justifiable. Nowadays, there are many ‘organizations.zations’ that exist to provide support and search for animals in need of homes.💖

The poor dog still sits in front of the door every day waiting for its human to come home.💖

A German woman called home to Costa Rica to help rescue a pregnant dog ‘abandoned’ from her old home waiting for her family’s return.

The dog is leaning against the house, belly showing that it is heavily pregnant and will give birth soon.

They moved away and left their pregnant dog without food or water. Just her, with a big belly. The poor dog now just sits at the door day and night waiting for its human to arrive.

Waking up in the middle of the night because of the time difference, Cappelluti convinces her neighbor to help bring the dog inside so she can figure out what’s best.

And they are racing against time, because the dog can be born at any time with a full belly.

Soon after, Wynn Mackey offered to help the adorable dog. Mackey currently has several dogs in the house, but when he learned of Marie’s unfortunate story, he knew he needed to do something about the dog.

Before Mackey provided Marie with a temporary home, the people living in the area were really interested in this.

Marie gave birth to lovely children

Marie was placed in the comfort of his home and just 10 days later, Marie gave birth to 7 healthy puppies!

Mackey realized it was a matter of time before Marie gave birth, so he prepared a special bed for her when the big day arrived.

Days later, Capelluti celebrated the birth of Marie’s cute puppies from Berlin.

She gave birth right in Mackey’s bed.

The amazing dog developed a deep bond with Mackey. He refused to leave her side, and when it came time to deliver, she chose to do it in the rescuer’s bed.

Marie hesitated to leave the children even as she was relieved.

Marie’s happiness and relief makes the entire last-minute transatlantic scramble to rescue her so much more worthwhile.

Marie is an extremely loving and protective mother to her cubs.

Once Marie and the seven puppies are much better, they will start looking for a permanent home for them.

Bless all for saving that sweet sad mother and giving her comfort and care to give birth to her precious children safely.. be relieved for now all All safe!! 💖🙏

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