The Mother Dog And Abandoned Cubs Are Still There Waiting For The Owner To Return For Many Days

The mother dog and a pack of puppies several days old were left on the side of the road. But let’s see what happens when the lifeguards arrive.❤️

The dog persists there waiting for the owner to come back to pick them up😢😢😢

The Mladenovac Dog Rescue in Serbia received a call about a mother dog and her children. They had been abandoned by the roadside for several days.

Some kind people tried to reach out to help the dogs but the mother dog refused, growling and refusing food. ‘Moli’ had been abandoned a few days before.

When lifeguard Mladenovac approached the mother dog, Moli was surprised not to growl, now the dog was still receiving food and ready to receive help. Rescuers began to search the grass around the mother dog, he found another puppy of hers. He brought them out next to the mother dog so that she could continue to eat.

The lifeguard kept checking to see if there were any more… and he found another puppy! These puppies are only a few days old and haven’t even opened their eyes yet.

“The mother dog is very sad… She and the children are abandoned by the roadside, the dog has not moved for many days. It is still waiting for its owner to come and pick it up. That breaks our hearts.” The lifeguard said.

There were a few locals who searched and checked, but there weren’t any other puppies nearby.

Moli and her foster children have settled down. She and her cubs will be cared for at the Mladenovac shelter until they are healthy and of the right age, the center will search for the right home for these cute donkeys.

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