The Man Who Built A Special Kayak For Him And His Dogs To Go Sightseeing On The Water

How to enjoy the scenery with your dogs on the water?❤

He can’t leave the dogs at home while he wants to go on a little adventure…🛶

When David Bahnson and his wife added a second Golden Retriever, he realized he needed a solution to carry both dogs in his kayak as they went on adventures with him. The only problem now is having a seat in the kayak for 3 passengers.

David says his dogs always want to travel with him, whether it’s land, water or air! Because of that, he decided to modify the kayak to suit the adventure with the dogs.

David’s first dog, Susie, fits in one of the luggage compartments, but it’s cramped for her.

So when they got their second Golden, Ginger, David got another Coho kayak and this time he converted the two luggage compartments to make them dog-friendly.

Wooden Pygmy kayaks come in the kit to assemble, so David only needs a little modification. He cut the luggage compartments to be smaller and narrower than the original sketch, but made sure it would be the best fit for the dogs to sit. David also made liners for the doggie seats to help keep them dry and prevent water from entering the hull.

Although they don’t have the same legroom as humans, that’s not a problem for dogs!

David said the dogs are very docile and are always waiting to be guided in and out of the kayak. With everyone able to comfortably kayak, the whole family has paddled for miles together and is enjoying their water adventures.

What a great thing to do for your dogs! I love it when pet parents try to include dogs in their activities.❤🛶

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