The Man Built A Train To Carry The Dogs He Saved And Took Them For A Walk Every Morning

80-year-old man with his dog train ❤

If you’re living in Fort Worth, Texas, you’ve probably come across an interesting train racing down a road. You may have to squeal in surprise, because you realize it’s a train full of cute dogs!

80-year-old Eugene Bostick and his “dog train” are well known to locals. He’s been driving a tractor and has had 8 crates towed in the rear for the past few years.

Eugene Bostick designed and built a train for homeless dogs that had been abandoned by humans near where he lived. he has been doing this with his brother for many years.

I have a little trailer and I put four or five dogs in it and drive them. Later on, more dogs started showing up and I said, ‘Uh-oh! That’s not enough room! “That’s when I started thinking about doing something,” Bostick told NBCDFW explaining how the dog train came about.

Tiffany Johnson, whose office is where the dog train passes every day, said: “This is the most amazing man, he rescues abandoned dogs and every morning he takes them for a walk with his dog. As the train passed our building, I finally had the courage to ask if I could take a picture of him with the dog train! Loved this and had to share! ” she wrote on Facebook after sharing the photo.

Tiffany replied to one commenter that dogs never jump out. The dogs seemed to know exactly what they had to do.

When Tiffany was asked where Bostick found the stray dogs, she said, “he just rescues them from going to the pound!! He says people actually release their dogs when they can no longer care for that dog.”

Looks like Bostick has been carrying his rescue pack on trains for a while! He sometimes ends up at Sycamore Golf Course at the back of his property, where golfers look and smile.

What a wonderful, kind man! The cute dogs sure look good!

Video of a train full of dogs:

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