Lonely dog leaves his backyard all because he wants a hug from his buddy

A sweet moment, the dog is eager to see his best friend.❤❤❤

The dog’s emotions are evident on its face.❤

Dogs are one of the smartest, loyal, and kind animals. When we have a dog, they are also a sincere, trusting furry friend, they also bring humans a lot of happiness and affection even though they cannot communicate with humans verbally.

When the gate was opened, Messy the dog saw his friend immediately ran to hug his friend. It was the best chance because they wanted to see each other every day.

He is such an affectionate and loving puppy. Messy currently lives in Thailand with owner Oranit Kittragul. This Labrador recently struck up a close friendship with a Husky who lives across the street.

Messy always wanted a friend.❤

Messy usually spends most of her time at home alone. Its owner has to work from early morning until late at night. When the dog is left alone it is very sad and wants a close friend.

Oranit said: “I often want to confide and talk to her when she is sad and crying. My dog ​​usually just stares at me and sometimes barks at Audi and he stops crying, but I can’t understand what they are saying.

That was amazing. Obviously every dog ​​needs a friend. We humans have to learn to be real friends like Messy and Audi to have a true friendship that never ends.

Let’s hope that Messy and Audi will be best friends forever. both are adorable, affectionate and dependent on each other!!

We hope Oranit spends more time with the dog. Don’t leave it alone all day!, we can’t deny that the friendship of the two dogs is an unconditional friendship. God bless those who only love pets ❤❤🐕❤❤

May Messy and Audi keep this beautiful friendship forever 🐕🐕❤

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