The little cat is king in the house of giant dogs

Lincoln has a huge personality inside a small body.

He is the king of the household.

A house with four mighty Great Danes, but a tiny kitten reigns supreme. This is the story of a cat named Lincoln who easily became king of the house.

According to them, Lincoln “owns the whole package from the first minute”. He always knows what he wants and is never shy about asking for it.

For some reason, Lincoln found a way to get the giant dogs to obey his commands. They will always submit to whatever Lincoln wants.

“Lincoln will be in the middle of one of the large dog beds and he will replace them in the bed.”

Their owners share. “Lincoln will eat from their bowl, will lie in the middle of one of the large dog beds and he will take their place in the bed.”

Playing with Lincoln is their love language.

Finnegan, one of the dogs, is where Lincoln likes to hang out whenever he wants to play. Since Finnegan wanted to be chased around, he always succumbed to the little cat. Not just Finnegan; every dog ​​in the house would drop everything when Lincoln wanted to play that, dogs could never resist.

What’s even more interesting is that the canines seem to understand that they need to be more gentle with the little kitten.

One day, a dog named Lucy appeared in the picture. Out of curiosity, Lincoln watched the new dog all day. It turns out that Lucy has been “playing rough” since she was still a puppy.

Lucy is not your ordinary dog.

“Lucy is also blind and deaf, and I think Lincoln used that to his advantage,” she said. “He’ll bait her and then, of course, hide from her.”

Lincoln would hide in his cat tunnels and boxes. He always dances to surprise Lucy. They had the most fun time playing together. They instantly became best friends.

While together, Lucy learned to be independent. It’s like a match made in heaven! The happiness Lincoln brought to Lucy was enough to make her forget her disability.

Lincoln loved to play on the beach.

“They all love being outside. They all love to go for a walk,” she continued. “One of our favorite things about having a full package is walking to our beach.”

Just like his canine siblings, he will explore the beach non-stop. It’s as if they all want to be together and do these things together.

According to their humans, their home is now filled with joy and positive energy just because these animals love each other. Her family is so much happier and their days are so much brighter.

Indeed, one of life’s greatest blessings is having animals to love in a home filled with sparkles and joy. This is happiness like no other!

Watch the video to see Lincoln rule the house below:

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