The king rescued 15 dogs with only skin and bones left

In this world there is everything. Inhumane people who mistreat animals, but there are also people who take care of animals knowing that they have feelings, that they need care and affection.

These dogs that we will talk about in the article lived on both sides. Their owner abandoned them, leaving them in dire conditions, skinny, malnourished.

This happens in Pathum Thani, 40 kilometers from Bangkok (Thailand). The owner of 15 Great Danes abandoned them, without any type of care or attention, in addition to feeding them poorly during the time that he “took care” of them, he stopped giving them food completely.

The 15 dogs were very malnourished, so much so that their bones were exaggeratedly noticeable.

When the Watchdog Thailand volunteers were notified, they went to the place immediately, where they found a depressing situation.

The 15 dogs were locked in cages and also suffered from severe malnutrition. They dedicated themselves to hydrate them and give them food to try to recover them.

Near the farm, where the 15 dogs were abandoned to their fate, relatives of the owner live. Family members told the organization that the farm had been used as a dog kennel for a long time. But the owner closed it because he couldn’t support it financially and decided to leave the dogs homeless.

Nui is a 50-year-old woman who worked as a housekeeper at the place. One of the dog breeder’s relatives asked her to take care of her place, but she was alarmed by the situation the 15 Great Danes were in. It was she who was forced to inform the animal defense institution of the situation of the 15 dogs.

Due to the negligence and carelessness of this man with her dogs, it has been known that a dog and her two puppies died inside a cage.

Luckily, the puppies are being cared for. This story reached King Maha Vajiralongkorn, known as Rama X, he ordered his family to adopt them and finance the recovery of the 15 Great Danes.

“We have received an order from the Majesty of him the King. His Royal Highness has directed a delegation to adopt the dogs at the Animal Welfare division,” a Watchdog Thailand spokesperson said.

We also know that the one who owned the 15 dogs will face animal cruelty charges.

A good ending for these 15 dogs that have been through so much pain.

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