The homeless man had a kind heart when he raised 30 stray dogs in needy conditions

That man with a kind heart, does kind things.❤️

No monetary value can replace love, the most generous people in the world may not be the wealthiest.

Although life is full of bad things, lacking. However, poverty does not prevent a person from being kind to those around him. The same can be said for the story of Oleg, a kindhearted homeless guy who took care of 30 stray dogs and took up residence around him.

Initially, Oleg said, there were only three dogs, but due to uncontrolled breeding, over time Oleg now has 30ty companion dogs. However, that didn’t stop Oleg from loving his furry friends.

Despite the dogs’ difficult living conditions, Oleg tries his best to provide them with the best life possible.❤️

When the members of Love Furry Friends learned of Oleg’s illness, they decided to go see him in person.

Immediately the question arises “What can they do to help?” Without a doubt, the efforts of these dedicated Love Furry Friends rescuers made timely assistance to Oleg and his dogs for the better.

Every day rescuers from Love Furry Friends will drop by to bring Oleg food and treats for 30 dogs. In addition, they have helped three of the children in families with permanent settlement.

Although it will be more difficult to find homes for older dogs, shelters and animal rescue groups are still actively searching for them.

A homeless man takes care of 30 stray dogs on an empty lot. To prevent unwanted litters, they also decided to neuter all the female dogs. That might also ease some of the burden on Oleg, but he’s still content with whatever the future brings.

Watch the video below.

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