The Dog With A Life Without Freedom With A Leash Around His Neck 24/7 Now Has A New Family

The dog has a life without freedom 😢

Poor Buster is tied to a leash around his neck 24/7, this is not a free life for any animal, especially an innocent dog.

Every day, Buster wondered if he would get food today, because he couldn’t run as freely as other dogs anyway.

Fortunately, PETA (Ethical Treatment of Animals) found out about Buster’s problem and spoke to its owner. They agreed to give up the dog so PETA could find Buster a better home.

Buster has received medical help for a number of problems, and needs a lot of love. Despite his past, Buster is still a cute and kind dog.

After a while PETA found a loving new home for Buster, and the day he arrived with his adoptive mother was a heart-melting day.

Thankfully, the moment that the new adoptive mother saw Buster was captured on video.❤️

Along with a warm place to live, food, and plenty of exercise, Buster has found the home filled with the love and happiness he deserves.

Click to watch the touching video below.

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