The dog was lost for 6 long years and this is how he reacts when he is reunited with his owner

After more than 6 years they met again and that’s how it all went 🙏

A puppy did not stop wagging its tail excited to be reunited with his family. Whom he hadn’t seen for 6 years when he got lost. He was wandering the streets of Sumter, Florida (USA). Despite the time that passed, he never forgot his owners and the affection he felt for them was still intact.

We are sure that this story will reach your heart, since he managed to meet his owner again, but before he had to go through many hardships.

A solidarity action gave hope back to this puppy

While he was wandering the streets lost, the puppy found a kind man who helped him. This person rescued the Chihuahua and took him to a shelter for help. YOUR Humane Society SPCA shelter welcomed him with open arms.

The animal was malnourished and completely covered in fleas. Also, as expected for the weather on the street, it was very dirty. Despite this, he was a very happy puppy with a good attitude. This was confirmed by a volunteer named Claudia Labbé.

Right away, the volunteers realized that he must have a family. They searched for the animal’s microchip in order to find its family. Fortunately they found it and that is how they were able to contact their owners in Naples, Florida.

Although it was about 225 miles from where they found it, they also found out that the puppy was named Alex. The family could not hold back the tears after meeting his lost puppy again.

This puppy did not stop wagging its tail when it saw its family again

Alex was always close to his family since he was two months old; In fact, his canine brother named Thunder also lived in the house of his owners, so being alone was not his forte. One day they sent him to his grandmother’s house and Alex ran away, so he made the decision to head back home and didn’t find him.

The family was looking for Alex for a long time; however, when they did not obtain results, they lost hope. Therefore, they could not believe that the puppy was still alive and that they found it. Having not seen his family for so long, it is likely that Alex did not recognize his owners; but it was not like that, because he immediately began to wag his tail non-stop.

He immediately jumped into his mother’s arms without hesitating for a second. The whole family hugged each other and tears of joy were not lacking; Without a doubt, a very moving scene that was recorded, for which we wanted to share it with you and be moved by this beautiful story.

The puppy didn’t stop wagging his tail because of the emotion he felt when he was reunited with his owner. The loyalty and fidelity of dogs is truly admirable.

Now, Alex is happy to go home to his family and meet Thunder again.

Watch the video below

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