The Dog Was Constantly Abandoned, It Just Turned Its Face To The Wall Where He Was Hiding, Until A Man Appeared.

The dog just faces the wall at the shelter 😢

The story of a shelter dog named Noodles begins as a sad one. She was abused leading to fear and was constantly ignored by everyone.

She just sat in a corner and never dared to look anyone in the eye. Noodles sat there as if dying. Until a man appeared and decided to take her chance.

The depressed dog caught the man’s eye, and he just tried to help. He took the dog home and introduced it to another dog he had saved earlier, named Weezie. The two dogs became friends immediately and bonded together as if they had something in common.

This helped Noodles come out of her shell, and she ended up being a completely different dog! Noodles is such a sweet girl with a great personality.

The man pulled out of her story? “Saving a shelter dog…you’ll be glad you did.”

Watch the video below

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