The Dog Was Abandoned In The Meadow While Pregnant And Its Hind Legs Were Paralyzed

The dog must fight to survive to save the babies in the belly

Maria belongs to the Dachshund breed, a breed with a long body and small legs. Unfortunately, Maria was paralyzed on the lower half of the body, the dog’s hind legs also lost the ability to move. However, Maria’s plight did not end there.

In her small and weak body, Maria still has to fight for life every day for the puppies in her belly. Being pregnant near the day of giving birth, her heavy belly made Maria increasingly thin and weak.

Maria was abandoned by her owner after learning that the cost of a caesarean section was too great.

Due to poor health, Maria needed a cesarean section instead of a natural birth. The cost for a caesarean section is up to 3,000 USD. Instead of taking care of Maria, its owner abandoned Maria to fight illness alone while pregnant.

Fortunately, a rescue group called Friends Of Emma in Texas found Maria and was immediately taken to a medical center. There, Maria was diagnosed with anemia due to having too many fleas on her body and showing signs of infection.

Not only was she sick, but Maria was also mentally unstable when she spent a long time bewildered because she was worried about her unborn child.

Maria could only use her front legs to pull her heavy body.

Maria’s teary eyes made everyone feel touched by the pitiful plight of this poor little dog.

Maria’s “bulky” belly is actually nurturing 7 lovely puppies inside.

But in the end, Maria still successfully gave birth to 7 lovely healthy puppies in April. Currently, Maria’s condition has gotten much better. He was able to mingle with people around him and play with his children.

This is not only the result of the care and help of the relief team, but also thanks to the spirit and strong will of Maria herself.

The strong Maria has now recovered and is living happily with 7 beautiful children.

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