The dog wants to check on the babies every day to make sure they are safe

The dog cares about the kids by checking in every day ❤️

Sunny the dog, a cute Goldendσσdle living in Branfσrd, Connecticut, is the important guardian of 3 triplets. Sunny loves the new members of his family who visit his 3 kids every day to make sure everything is okay.

Lauren Barnes, a mother of 3, shared a video on TikTok, of Sunny coming in to check on the kids. Barnes named the video “cute σverload”, soon after the video went viral, the dog’s thoughtfulness is warming everyone’s hearts on the internet.

All three children huddled in and rested on the couch. Things don’t seem to be in order, but Sunny comes in often to double check. Two-month-old babies seem to anticipate the arrival of their dog Sunny.

This time Sunny stood on a nearby footstool and snuggled into the triplets. He spread out his chair so he could get a better look at these adorable babies. He stays just long enough to make sure that the number of babies you have is happy and satisfied.

With glowing eyes, Sunny shifted her weight and stretched her body once. The baby appeared leaning over to observe Sunny.

With a sniff and a kiss, one out of three babies is checked for the last time. Sunny reports back that everything is in order here. Sunny the dσg said, “My mission here is unique.”

Sunny turned her eyes to the camera as if to let her know that everything was fine here. What a wonderful dog. Barnes shared an adorable photo of Sunny cuddling or keeping an eye on her babies while keeping them warm and clean.

Sunny always seems to want to take care of these kids, and I’m sure they feel the same way.

Sunny will be the best friend for the kids when they fall in love.

Watch the video below.

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