The Dog That Was Forced To Be A Bait Lived Its Whole Life With A Leash Around Its Neck, Experiencing Freedom For The First Time

There are many dogs being treated like this, the case of Tilly is an example 😢

Despite being forced to fight, Tilly is as sweet as she can be and can’t stop wagging her tail when she sees the rescuers approaching her.

When the Humane Society of America’s Animal Rescue and Response team arrived on a property in Gaston County, North Carolina, they saw first-hand what lay ahead.

The dogs here are covered with fleas, and also have a lot of bad scars, which suggests that the dogs were most likely used in dogfights.

They were all forced to live outdoors and tied by a heavy chain around their necks.

The only things that dogs can escape the heat or keep warm are blue crates or dilapidated wooden huts.

Despite the poor living conditions and abandonment, these dogs are still happy to see rescuers and can’t stop wagging their tails.

They will all be taken to a veterinarian, where they will receive a medical evaluation and/or treatment before finding their permanent home, with help from Mr. Bones & Co.

One of the dogs that HSUS rescued is now named Tilly. he was finally freed from the heavy shackles that had weighed her down all her life.

Despite being mistreated all his life and forced to be bait in the air battle ring, he’s as sweet as he can be.

He has been adopted and is enjoying a second chance at life at his new permanent home.

Tilly has quickly adapted to life in a home and has formed a very special relationship with her new family.

Watch Tilly’s rescue in the video below:

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