The Dog That Was Chained Day And Night Was Cared For By A Neighbor Woman For More Than A Year

After seeing the dog chained day and night to a tree and without food or water, the girl decided to take action.

Laura Seymour first saw a dog named Takia a year ago. The dog is chained in the dog house at the neighbor’s house. Laura observed that the dog had no food or water in her bowl.

Despite the large dog’s size and the fact that Laura was a stranger, she decided to take action. She was surprised when she approached the very friendly and well behaved dog. Laura started a regular routine of visiting Takia three times a week to give the dog food and water.

When Laura and the dog’s friendship grows bigger and bigger

In the pouring rain, the bitter cold of winter or the scorching summer in Virginia, Takia remained outside day and night. Laura fell in love with Takia so much that she thought she would steal the dog to save him from being chained and give him freedom.

But Seymour knew that was not the way to go. So she called animal control, but the officers called her back to tell her that as long as Takia had food, water and shelter, she wasn’t necessarily left out.

However, Laura continued to visit Takia over the course of a year to make sure the dog was taken care of. When the next summer, worrying about Takia in the hot weather, Laura brought her mother to introduce her to Takia. Laura’s mother encourages her to call for animal control again.

The next day, Laura heard the news she had been waiting for. The dog’s owner Takia surrendered to her.

They asked Laura if she knew anyone willing to adopt Takia, and of course, Laura immediately volunteered.

Another neighbor commented on the video and thanked Laura for her concern and persistence.

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