The Dog That Was Abandoned For Many Days Had To Eat Rotten Branches To Prevent Hunger But Still Stood There Waiting For The Owner To Return

Banjo still waits for days outside in the cold and without food

The dog named Banjo was abandoned on a dirt road but the dog remained there for 5 days without going. Banjo stood outside in the freezing cold and ate rotten twigs to fend off hunger, waiting for the heartless owner to return.

When Brooke Rapozo of Kings SPCA Rescue in California approached Banjo, he was scared and curled up like a ball and scared of anyone who came near.

Brooke begins to feed the dog and tries to gain his trust, Brooke eventually does, she is shocked at Banjo’s predicament. She wrote an emotional open letter to the dog’s former owner.

What she wrote below went viral and for Banjo, he couldn’t be happier.

“Dear owner of this Callous POS dog,

“Today we noticed a few emails from people who noticed your dog was abandoned on the 15th and the night of Excelsior. After looking at the dates, at least your dog has been sitting there since Saturday morning. It was 3pm today when we finally noticed the message because we were too busy. We decided to drive over and see if we could help. Surely he was there.

“He was waiting for you.

“He didn’t leave where you made him stay. He is a good dog. He was close to where he last saw his favorite person in the world. He thinks you’ll be back. He’s watching every car that’s going to hit the road hoping it’s you coming back for him. Your dog has been freezing, hungry and scared for days because you are a heartless jerk.

“He’s been waiting for you.”

“He was so hungry he ate a stick. The beauty had stopped to drop the food but he was still hungry and confused. But even with the food sitting in front of him, he knows he has to wait for you to return.

“He was waiting for you.

“It’s not a bad dog. He is a very good dog. You are a bad friend. You abandoned someone who would give his life to you. Someone who doesn’t care how long you’ve been out of work. Someone is also happy to see you if you’re just out to check your mail or if you’ve been away for days. Someone will lick the tears off your cheeks and the leftovers on your plate when you’re done eating.

“He won’t wait for you anymore.”

“After people see him all day curled up in a ball on the road you left him, we’re back for him. We’re back with a fellow rescuer named Yvonne from Raven’s Rescue BullyBreed Sanctuary. It was getting dark and we could hear coyotes in the distance. We sat there for hours. We talked to him. We sat there singing to him. We feed him and give him a blanket.

“Your dog ate from our hands after hours of throwing wet food at him. Your dog finally came closer to us as we lay in the cold dust and told him “everything is going to be okay and this is the last time anyone hurts you”. Your dog finally let me cuddle on top of its head. Then behind his ears. In the end he didn’t run when I passed and sat next to him.

“Finally he lay down and allowed me to rub his belly.

“He let me tie the rope to him and didn’t try to run.”

“He didn’t panic until it was time to leave. He wants to wait for you. He refused to walk to the truck. I brought your big dog to our truck; Your big, gentle, fearless and loyal dog. I took your dog away from the last place he saw you. It howled the whole ride back to our shelter. It howled the most painful howl I had ever heard. It was the sound of his heart breaking.

“He tries to get back into the position where you desperately abandoned him. He frantically checked every window then watched the window after we drove away. His howl lasted until he reached the driver’s seat and howled at me.

“When I reached out to stroke its head, he looked at me confused and put his head in my lap and groaned as we pulled to the shelter.”

“You don’t deserve this wonderful puppy. You don’t deserve any dog ​​at all.

“My dog ​​will forget you. He will find a good home and will get the love he deserves. He’ll know what it’s like to have a real home.

“I don’t care who you are or the reason you explain why you abandoned my dog. Anyway that could be a BS reason.

“You are a bag of scum. I pray your year is filled with karma and bad health.

“Sincerely, Brooke”

Banjo has now found a forever family and fur siblings too!

His new name is Jake. Here’s a photo of Banjo/Jake “hiking with his new family and new siblings

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