The Dog That Happened To Take Part In The Half Marathon Finished The Race In 7th Place

The dog’s adoptive mother didn’t even know what she was doing, then she got a text…

Ludivine the Bloodhound made a big splash in the small town of Elkmont, Alabama, recently Ludivine decided to give up her playtime at home and she entered the Elkmont Train Trek Half Marathon.

April Hamlin, the adoptive mother of a dog named Ludivine, let her out to do her job when she escaped from the yard to see why so many people in the race were at the starting line. As soon as the gun went off, she started running.

One of the runners, Tim Horvath, finished most of the race with Bloodhound and simply assumed her owner was somewhere nearby.

He told Runner’s World, “I first saw Ludivine in the parking lot before the race. She jumped up, and I patted her on the head, I just thought she was someone’s dog. Elkmont is a small town with a population of 400 where everyone knows everyone.

Ludivine successfully completed the entire 13.1-mile race! Along the way she even stopped a few times to say hello to some cows and sniff around!

The organizers even timed her, resulting in Ludivine placing 7th overall with a time of 1:32.56 (unofficially, of course).

But the race volunteers couldn’t let the entrant leave all of a sudden, so they arranged to give Ludivine her very own medal.

It was all a complete surprise to April, who said that Ludivine is usually quite lazy. She was initially worried that Ludivine might have gotten in the way of runners. But as it turned out, Ludivine’s appearance in the running raised the bar for the run, helping to raise money for the local school district’s athletic programs.

Race organizers said they were “overwhelmed by the amount of support generated from this sweet, sweet dog!” So they decided to give it back and announce their race has officially been renamed.

“It took us a long time to come up with a name for our race and nothing we came up with seemed to be ‘it’. After the news of Ludivine broke, we offered to rename it and without any controversy we decided that in honor of Ludivine and her achievements, the name of our race. will change to Elkmont’s Hound Dog Half! “

That seems to be a great fit!

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