The Dog Only Looks At The Corner Of The Wall When A Human Comes, She Is Both Physically And Mentally Damaged By The Previous Owner.

Family! was severely damaged both physically and mentally

Many animals have suffered such injuries as breaking their hearts, making them afraid of the humans who have caused them so much suffering.

One such case happened to Gia, a poor dog who experienced terrible treatment from his “family” until he arrived at the shelter, still extremely haunted.

When Gia arrives at a small rural shelter in Texas, Gia hides in the corner she is scared, shivering whenever anyone approaches, it is clear that she has a medical problem. Gia also can’t be touched if someone touches her, she will even pee in panic and stand still.

The reason for Gia’s behavior was because she had to endure the callousness of her former employer.

Gia was once tied to a tree and abused by her master, who was once filled with love for her.

Gia’s heart was severely damaged as a result of the owner’s actions, she almost lost her previous cheerful attitude. She asked for more help than the shelter could provide.

Fortunately, DallasDogRRR, an organization dedicated to taking care of the most difficult rescue situations, intervened and worked to rehabilitate dogs like Gia with love, patience and kindness.

Gia is currently in the Dallas dog shelter and is recovering well.

At first Gia still hides under her bed when humans approach her, however she has learned to stop urinating when she sees people.

It will be difficult for her to open up to others again, but the association’s volunteers have not given up hope of success.

On the other hand, Gia’s behavior towards other animals is very different. She loves running around with her shelter dog friends because she knows they won’t do her any harm. Despite everything, she is satisfied with her own company.

To help Gia overcome her fear of people, the organization decided to put her in a temporary foster home with a traumatized dog specialist, where she will live with her new family and know that in the end She was safe and no one could abuse her. .

Her new adoptive mother understands that Gia is not ready to mingle with people yet, but she may be more open due to the pure heart of another canine friend.

“Gia has returned home. She did not move from the box she was shipped in. She is terrified; she wasn’t shaking anymore, but she wasn’t ready to leave that position yet.

However, her ears are perked up by the sound of my little dog Austin, so I hope he can entice her,” the caretaker explained.

Let’s pray for Gia to overcome this difficulty 🙏🙏🙏

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