The dog is still waiting by the empty hospital bed without knowing the owner has passed away

Thank God for giving the dog someone to love him ❤️

Dogs are loyal and devoted animals, the case of a dog named Moose is an example, Moose is a 3-year-old Labrador retriever sitting by “hos.pi.tal be.d” patiently waiting. When his father returned, he did not know that the father had [pa.s.ed aw. ay].

Moose was then still waiting at the door. Moose’s owner’s carer could not be comforted either, so Moose was taken back to the Rescue center where he could be adopted.

A week after Moose’s owner ‘di.ed’, Eleventh Hour Rescue posted the dog’s story and wished the dog a new home to make up for his loss.

Moose’s photo and story quickly went viral on the internet and they received a flood of adoption applications. Within three days, sweet boy Moose was adopted by a family of four who had just lost their 14-year-old dog and were looking for a dog to make a home.

We’re relieved that Moose can now heal and have a permanent home.

Many thanks to “Dad” and his second family for rescuing this beautiful puppy ❤️🐕❤️!!

Bless his heart for receiving this ❤️

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