The Dog Is Happy When His Father Makes A Swimming Pool To Play On Hot Days

Make sure you watch this hilarious video

Having a dip in the pool on a hot summer day is a wonderful experience, not only humans love it but animals also love it.

Teal is a Labrador, she loves to play outside and is generally a goof. But when it starts to heat up outside, she loves to cool off just like a human. So Teal’s owner decided to create her a dedicated pool so that Teal could dip and play in the water.

Labradors instinctively love water, but Teal’s parents are also surprised to learn that Teal loves the pool so much!

Teal is lost in the joy it is having, even she forgets the outside world, Teal holds a ball and splashes the water with her front paws.

Teal was like a little kid enjoying his first bath in the pool.

She loves her pool so much the owner took a video of Teal so the whole world can share in her joy too!

We want to thank dad for giving her a swimming pool to cool off on hot days! Great!

Watch her splash in the video below!

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