The Dog Got A New Life Before It Was Destined To Become A Decoy

Lucky dog ​​escaped being a decoy

When my wife and I were talking about finding a companion dog for our elderly dog, Katie, we wondered if Katie could go from “a single dog” to a sibling. me or not.

At about this time my cousin called and talked about a 15-week-old puppy that had lived its entire life in a dog cage that was being “fattened” for use as bait. No doubt we’ve come to the rescue of this little guy!

On the night we got him, he jumped into my arms from hers as if to say, “Here I am! I’ve been looking for you for hours!” Our girl had no trouble showing her siblings how to go straight to our hearts.

Jakob has become my protector, my comfort and my joy, just like our girl for my husband. My husband joked that if we were human twins, it would be like we were one heart and one mind.

We lost our girl, and Jakob was right there with her when she took her last breath. We lost our husband unexpectedly in September 2017, and after 18 years of marriage, my whole world fell apart.

I don’t know how I can go on without him. Jakob and his feline siblings have been by my side, supporting, comforting, and loving unconditionally – that’s why I wake up every morning and keep moving.

Jacob is now 8 years old. His eyesight is getting blurry, his face is a bit grayer… but he still has the heart of a 15 week old puppy that jumped into my arms. This photo always touches my heart because I was able to take it about 14 hours after he adopted us.

He has never been able to sit and look outside in the 15 weeks of his short life because he has known only one cage, and he is terrified of all that he sees when he sits and looks. out our door.

He still loves to sit and observe his neighbors and the world alongside his feline siblings.

My life has been blessed to be adopted by our Jakob, and because Saint Francis of Assisi protected him until he was able to jump into my arms and find the “never” home. now with his feathers”.

Story submitted by Janice Martin from Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Jakob’s story was originally shared on the Animal Rescue Website.

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