The Deformed Puppy Was Wrapped In A Blanket, Making The Dog Rescue Woman Unable To Stop Sobbing

When he saw the dog, the rescuer’s heart didn’t stop sobbing ❤

Angela Adan is a dog rescuer, so she’s witnessed a lot of sad situations that make her heart flutter.

She rarely cries for the dogs she saves, as she wants to keep them strong. Freddy, however, is a rescue dog that has her sobbing openly.

Freddy is a small dog found by rescuers under a car. He was transferred to Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue from Tehachapi, California. Amazingly, the rescue boasts a 99% adoption success rate.

The malnourished dog has many health problems, including dental problems and the absence of an epiglottis at the throat. This very important structure prevents fluid from entering the lungs.

Despite huge medical bills and a bad past, Freddy still shines with a bubbly personality.

Although Freddy also has deformities of his jaw and front legs, she doesn’t let that slow her down.

Freddy’s mother told The Dodo that Freddy taught her to enjoy life in the moment, in this very moment.

Watch this tiny plane make its way through this obstacle every day in the inspirational video below.

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