The couple discovered a suitcase moving on the highway filled with puppies

They saw a little nose poking out …

Last week a couple was traveling on a North Carolina highway when they noticed something strange up ahead, approached them and saw an abandoned suitcase lying on the road, strangely, there was something inside. is moving.

They slowed down and got closer when they saw a small nose just protruding from a corner of the unlocked bag.

The couple was shocked and amazed when they checked their suitcases and discovered 4 very cute puppies inside who were delighted to see the light.

The couple, after rescuing the puppies they drove to Guilford County Animal Services and they claimed to have discovered a suitcase full of puppies, an employee here didn’t believe them at first, it had looks very absurd. However, he finally noticed four lovely faces.

The employee told The Dodo, “We all expressed disbelief that someone would do that.

These dogs are all female, it can be feared that outsiders will abandon them as well. Since the 4 dogs moved into the shelter, they have slowly learned to adapt, and the staff have shown them what love is.

One shelter worker added, “They were quite scared and shy.” “Our staff are connecting and playing with them more because the medical team says they don’t have a lot of experience socializing people yet.”

The pups’ names, Samsonite, Tumi, Stowaway and Carion (as in “carry on”), are associated with luggage and travel.

The puppies will seek to be adopted into their permanent family, after they have undergone the necessary medical checks and socialization.

Although these puppies have been abandoned once, they will never experience it again because of the quickness of two good Samaritans.

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