The Child Couldn’t Contain His Emotions When He Was Reunited With His Missing Dog.

The dog and the girl must be so happy when they are united.❤

The dog’s name is Max, and he spent two months wandering the streets by himself after getting lost.

His family was worried that he would never come home after going missing in San Antonio, Texas. Until the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office’s Deputy Perez got a call about a dog discovered wandering around a nearby area.

Perez remembered a lost dog flier that had been posted at the substation in search of Max. When Perez got on the site, he noticed a small white dog. It turned out it was Max. He immediately called the family to ensure that it was their dog, and they got back together.

The return of Max made the family overjoyed.

The return of the puppy to his two human sisters was highly appreciated by them; one of them sobbed uncontrollably in happiness and embraced Max.

Thanks to Perez and the kind neighbor who called to report seeing Little Max in the area, he is now safely back at his home.

One reader said, “Man, to see these tiny kids’ faces is priceless!, These tiny creatures have a profound effect on our hearts. Officer Perez, thank you for returning the infant to the family. Many blessings to you!

Another person who commented on the page wrote, “We need to see more tales of police doing good. My heart is warmed by this”

The sheriff’s office posted on Facebook, “Max and his family were reunited and as you can see on the kids’ expressions, they could not be happier. “Deputy Perez deserves to be congratulated for making this reunion possible!”

Max was ecstatic to see his friends again. He won’t need to be concerned about finding his next meal or sleeping outside on the streets any more. Let’s hope max and his family will always be happy together.

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