The Abused Dog That Was On The Verge Of ‘De.ath’ Was Found And Taken To The Vet In Time

This is just one of many schools where animals are cruelly treated by humans 💔

The shelter’s employees have repeatedly witnessed how horribly humans can treat innocent animals. Sometimes the things humans do to animals are so off-putting that we just want to lie on the floor and cry.

Richmond Animal Care and Control (RACC) shares this after they discovered a ‘’ dog left outside their shelter in the freezing cold of the weather. .

But the staff did not give up and rushed the dog to the emergency hospital.

“This distressed dog was left RACC outside the window of our Director’s office at 9:30 a.m. Sunday. The dog can’t even stand its skin and bones, having dirt come out of its mouth witnessing this breaks our hearts,” the shelter worker said.

The lifeless dog was carried in the director’s car of the RACC, and the seats were heated and the heat was turned up high to try to keep the poor dog warm.

The dog was later named Olympus and the medical team at Virginia Veterinary Center focused on trying to save his life. “His temperature was too low, and his blood pressure was not strong enough to place an IV.

They warmed him up then started sub-Q fluids all the staff prayed for him to come back,” the shelter posted.

Olympus was a strong man and made it through the night. Every day he continues to improve, but it will be a long way for Olympus to recover.

After several days of rehabilitation treatment, the most recent shared by the shelter said Olympus was able to eat many small meals and keep food. He also wears a sweater to keep warm because the dog’s body is nothing but skin and bones.

His investigation is ongoing and the shelter thanks everyone who has provided advice so far but said, “our investigation is going strong and we have everything we need.” to move forward and cannot comment on any details (I’m sure you can understand we don’t” t want to compromise the case). “

Olympus is still not fully recovered, but thanks to all the love and care he is improving. There are many people who have expressed with the adoption of Olympus. The RACC said it would stop telling him when he could be adopted.

The shelter thanked their followers for their support and asked them to continue to keep Olympus and them in their thoughts and prayers. “We are so grateful to each and every one of you for your continued support – it keeps us from leaving the floor in tears and fighting for the good fight!”

Thank you to all the hard working staff of the shelter, we appreciate you and all the rescue work you do!

You guys are our heroes!

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