Puppy left in the woods with no food reacts unexpectedly when he sees a rescuer

A Rhodesian hybrid puppy left behind by his family in the woods is in need of assistance.

In the hope that someone would come to her rescue, she waited there for more than a week.

The 4-month-old dog has to fend for itself, hiding under a row of olive trees and looking for a nearby stream to stay hydrated.

One day a kind man saw a puppy curled up on the side of the road and started bringing burgers whenever the dog passed.

He then called Adams County Pet Rescue (ACPR) to inform them that there was a small dog in need of assistance.

Kyya Grant, director of ACPR, and one of the employees answered the phone. As soon as they arrived, the rescuers understood that the rescue would be difficult and would take some time.

Grant told The Dodo, “The dog was very scared and barked a lot.” It will be difficult to catch in this situation.”

Grant did not try to force the frightened dog into the kennel, but slowly approached and gradually gained the puppy’s trust. She set the box aside and started talking to the dog as if to tell him everything was fine.

The dedicated rescuer chose to try a different approach because the puppy was still too scared to allow Grant access.

Grant recalls, “I went out for a bit, then came back later that night, put some food out and talked to him more.”

Although the dog was still hesitant at the time, Grant felt that the dog was getting used to it and stopped barking.

Before it felt safe and rested its head in the rescuer’s arms, the dog ate some food.

Grant went back to the side of the road where the puppy had been the next morning. She was surprised to find that the dog not only knew who saved her, but also showed great emotion.

Grant commented that she was ecstatic.

The puppy feels happy to see that the human is finally back he has run around the road

Grant said, “She has all the bouncy and zoomie.” That’s why Grant decided to call the dog Zoomie.

Grant was concerned Zoomie wouldn’t get into the box herself until she got home. So she picked up the dog herself by stooping. Zoomie didn’t react. I put the dog in the kennel and drove it straight home.

When Grant took Zoomie to ACPR, the dog was immediately taken to medical attention and placed on the official rescue team’s list.

It took a while for Zoomie to adjust to a new life, the staff here paired Zoomie with a companion, a calm dog Zoomie gradually became more comfortable with her surroundings.

Soon after, a couple visited the shelter and immediately fell in love with Zoomie. They applied for adoption and Zoomie had a permanent family of her own.

Grant shared that Zoomie loves her new life. She regularly shares a nap with her new puppy sister.

Zoomie will always be a great memory of the adorable puppy and the touching rescue.

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