Puppy found abandoned in the woods becomes best friends with a rescued cow

As soon as they met, they became best friends ❤

When Juliana Castaneda found four puppies alone in the woods, she knew she had to do something. So, she took the puppies to her animal sanctuary, Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary, to care for them until she could find them a home.

Soon after on a trip to the United States, she found homes for three of the four puppies. However, one adorable little guy named Sri Ram remained.

Concerned that the puppy was now alone, Juliana moved Sri Ram to another part of the sanctuary in hopes that he would make friends with one of the older dogs living there.

Soon the now 5-month-old puppy made a friend and it was love at first sight. However, much to Juliana’s surprise, the puppy’s new bestie turned out to be a black and white cow named Bernie.

Bernie, who was 3-months-old, and had been rescued from a slaughter house, was equally smitten.

Perhaps since they were both so young their friendship easily blossomed. Or, maybe they shared a special bond since they both had a rough start in life. We’ll never know what drew these two together but it’s obvious they love each other very much.

Ever since they met, Sri Ram and Bernie spend all their time together. They play, nap, and hang out together all-day long. Bernie now acts like a dog and even hangs out with the other dogs and humans and goes inside the house just like the other animals.

The adorable besties can often be found snuggled up on a bed with the other dogs and their human caretakers, enjoying some cuddle time. Bernie seems to have no idea that he’s so much bigger than Sri Ram and squeezes himself in with everyone else.

Because they are so close, happily it’s been decided that the two will never be separated and will be able to grow old together at the sanctuary. There they will never be alone again.

They also share their time with Juliana’s family, a horse, pig, quail, pigeon, some rabbits, chickens, turtles, 13 cats and 35 more dogs.

We’re so happy they found each other and the pictures and video of them together are the sweetest. We hope you enjoy watching this unusual friendship in action. Please share the love with your family and friends.

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