Puppy accompanies his owner to a water park and jumps down the slide

The best moment of happiness that one can enjoy once in a lifetime 😍

Puppies are well known for accompanying their owners through thick and thin, no matter where they are, they will always want to follow them. And if for whatever reason, they can’t, they wait for them with patience and joy.

All this is a tender characteristic that shows that they are the best friends of the human being. It is very common to see news on the internet about very faithful dogs, and one of these is about a very funny one. In a TikTok video, the moment a woman is thrown down a water slide was recorded being followed by her adorable pet.

The video was broadcast by the TikTok account @no_se_lo_puedo_creer and has caused tenderness in more than one user. In the first instance, the young woman is seen sitting on the pool slide preparing to slide down it.

Her while she holds her phone in her hand for a selfie and to record a video of the moment. Behind her is another person who also records and also her dog that barks standing up. Her while she rests her legs on the edge of the slide, as if she wanted to prevent her from doing it.

She doesn’t pay enough attention to him and lies down to let herself be carried away by the current, to which her puppy immediately reacts by jumping to where he is located to accompany her. He stayed behind her, skimming her belly with the water, and joined in the fun. The dog ran as he went downhill towards the water, where he arrived with his human.

All this was seen from a wide shot located at the beginning of the game, probably recorded by a friend of hers. Surely he was worried at first, but he probably understood that it was just a game.

Below he can see the video where the puppy is seen enjoying with his owner on the slide:

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