Police Save A Stray Puppy And Wait For Hours To Have It Checked By A Vet

We salute, Officer Garibaldi, for taking the time to save and care for this sweet little pup! 🥰

Police officer Kareem Garibaldi was on patrol in Lakeland, Florida when suddenly a puppy ran in front of his car. Garibaldi managed to turn around to avoid the puppy and was able to successfully grab her and put the baby in his car.

Despite searching for the puppy’s owner for several hours, Garibaldi ended his third 12-hour shift by taking the Pit Bull/Boxer mix to the Florida SPCA Medical Center.

Despite being free to leave, Garibaldi did something that made the hearts of dog lovers everywhere. He sits with the puppy from 8:45 a.m. until 12 noon. Since the vet had other patients ahead of him, Officer Garibaldi and the puppy did what any sleepy duo would do in the waiting room: they took a nap together!

The puppy felt safe because he curled up right next to the kind officer, who also happily dozed off.

The Lakeland Police Department posted this on their Facebook page: “Late that day, the puppy found a new home. It’s these kind officers like this that make the Lakeland Homeland Police Department truly unique. “

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