Pitbull After Being Rescued Now He Always Carries His Protective Blanket Everywhere

So glad he is in a safe place now…!

Glad he has a security blanket that makes him happy. If his life weren’t changed, he never would be secure at all. Glad he’s lived and cuddled! Great pup. ❤️💙

Bubby the Pit Bull was just a puppy when he was being used as a [b.a.it] dog by a dog fig.hting ring. By the time he was rescued, he was physically and emotionally [tr.aumatized].

A woman heard about his plight and adopted him without a moment’s thought. Bubby was de.pressed and con.fused as he sat in his savior’s car, not knowing his life was about to change forever.

So pleased this poor pup was saved & safe. 🙏

Bubby was touched as he received love and care for the first time from his new mom.
Over the months, he impressed everyone by making an unbelievable physical and mental recovery. He grew especially attached to the woman who saved him!

Bubby’s mom decided to crate train him to give him a sense of security and stability when she was not around. It was during this crate training that Bubby recognized a newfound feeling of comfort in blankets! Every morning, he would step out of his crate with his blanket and parade around the house snorting happily and wagging his tail away!

After everything he’s been thru glad he has his blanket! ❤

Bubby’s blanket became a safety shield for him that assured him that everything was alright. With time, he developed similar devotion to his pillows, toys, and just about anything that felt like home!

Thankyou for saving this beautiful baby you are safe now Angel 🙏

Thank god he was saved and live the life he should. Now, he have a good loving caring home and family 👪🏡❤

Such a lovely ending but doesn’t end for all like that , it needs to stop , it’s unbelievable how people are so [cr.uel] to a living beautiful animal…! 😢

Bless him. He so deserves a happy life. 🙏🙏🙏

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