Pit Bull Who Was Chained To The Fence At The Park When It Was Freezing Cold Outside Was Saved By The Police

No one knows why the dog is chained there

Two NYPD officers encountered a Pit Bull chained to a fence outside a Brooklyn park. The poor dog is shivering in the cold rainy weather. They then contacted animal control to provide immediate assistance to the dog.

Not sure how the dog got chained to the fence here. The poor dog is surrounded by trash, his eyes are sad as if begging for help.

The dog was then taken to a shelter in the city, Officer Pascale, one of the officers who rescued the dog, when he heard the dog was in danger Pascale stepped forward to adopt it.

Dogs haven’t been shown love all their lives, but that’s about to change. Officer Pascale adopted him and named him Joey. He posed for pictures with his newest best friend, Joey, and fellow police officer, Police Levin, who helped rescue the dog. The photo was posted on Twitter announcing the new adoption.

“On 12/28/18 SRG PO Pascale & Levin observed a trembling emaciated dog tied to a fence outside Betsy Head Park. Taken to a shelter, the dog is at risk of death if not adopted.

PO Pascale has begun the adoption process and today he took ‘Joey’ to his new permanent home,” NYPD Special Ops posted.

Thank you for adopting the sweet boy. The dog-loving force posted a reminder on their social media to keep pets indoors with frigid temperatures. “#NYPD ESU #K9 Timmy is already packed and has no intention of going out as temperatures continue to plummet.

Please remember to keep pets indoors during dangerously cold times. “

You can become a hero by adopting a dog or cat from your local shelter.

They all deserve a forever loving home.

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