Pilot Brings His Uniformed Kitten Onto The Plane And The Crew Asks For Photos

The most beautiful co-pilot ever seen 🫣🤗

Animals can soften almost anything, and it’s for things like that that many people love them so much that they take them everywhere, without many limits. As was the case with an airplane pilot who added his kitten as a member of the plane’s air crew. Just like it sounds, and it was recorded in a video that went viral on the TikTok social network.

The pilot kitten is called Ravioli, and his owner dressed him especially for the occasion, since to work as such he must wear his uniform as it corresponds. With just a small t-shirt he was perfect with his serious face. But this simple fact caused too much tenderness among the users of the social network who saw the video.

Those who left comments like “Captain kitten, we are ready to take off”, and “Now it is the flying cat”, on the platform.

The video is very short, but quite adorable. In it, Ravioli can be seen next to his owner, who focuses the camera on his phone to take a picture of the entire team on board, while the little boy looks at everything carefully. Finally, the five members of the crew, including Ravioli, have their photo taken.

Who looks very serious but maybe not used to ‘playing’ at work. The record got more than 78,000 likes. Through the TikTok account @Ravioliogato, his human shares images and videos of the beloved plane pilot, he even sees them take off from the airport.

On more than one occasion he has been touched by his beautiful clothing, but he has also shown other facets. In his free time, he has been seen wearing pajamas, glasses, summer styles, with ties around his neck, shirts and even a robe. He has a lot of personality and reflects all the attitude in the world with his serious look, not caring what the rest say.

Below you can see the video where you can see the kitten in uniform and on the plane:

Share this adorable story with his friends and family. So they can see how precious these cute little animals can be.

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