Owner creates a sign so that no one takes his favorite ball from his puppy

This is what was written on the sign 🥹

Once we have created a trusting relationship with our pets, it is normal for us to start pampering them more than usual. This in turn will give a dog space to begin to develop a slightly more distinctive personality, which in many cases may include starting to pick up items such as his favorite toys. A Golden Retriever puppy from Campinas, Sao Paulo, in Brazil, reached such a level of affection towards a tennis ball that his owner had to take action on the matter.

It wasn’t about taking it off or trying to get him to play with it a little less. Quite the contrary, seeing that the puppy really liked playing with the ball more than anything in the world. They created a sign thinking both for the neighbors and for the other people who passed by nearby.

The objective of the sign, written in an adorable first person, which made one think that the same dog was asking please, said please nobody take the ball from him. Besides that, if they saw it dumped near the fence, please pass it back to them. This clueless little dog could sometimes lose her, something that would make him feel very depressed.

One of the neighbors took a couple of photos, both of the sign and of the puppy, and uploaded them to the Facebook social network. The puppy of course posed with the tennis ball in his mouth. The photos began to go viral on social media.

Many found the Golden’s owner’s concern very tender. Usually, when we see signs about pets, we assume that it is a warning to beware of the aggressive dog. In other cases, it is because a very anxious dog lives inside, the one that can escape if someone leaves the gate open.

But until now, no one had seen a sign like this, pointing to a Golden’s love for his tennis ball. Golden Retrievers are a favorite breed for those who want to add a puppy to their family members. Both their soft and shiny fur, as well as their playful and kind personality, make them perfect to accompany the upbringing of small children.

Likewise, it is not uncommon to hear that one of these dogs becomes a fan of chasing and having a ball thrown at it. Although at the level of this little dog, where it became necessary to put up a sign, it is something new even for us.

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