Old Dog Moved To Shelter After Owner’s Death, He Wrapped Himself In A Blanket And Cried Alone

The dog wraps itself up every night like its owner wraps a blanket for it, then cries again 😢😢😢

Scooter the dog and the great loss 😢

The Humane Society of Quincy, Michigan, recently adopted a senior Chihuahua named Scooter, who has just lost his kind owner. The dog did not want to be in contact with anyone, and it remained strangely quiet in the shelter. However, it was his obsessive bedtime routine that broke the hearts of onlookers.

Every night, the Scooter still retracts into himself just like his owner used to do before. By the time he was completely covered in his star blanket, he just collapsed and cried alone until he fell asleep. Scooter not only misses his owner, but also dreads what lies ahead for him.

In a last-ditch effort to find a way to help Scooter, shelter staff have been sharing photos and nightly actions of Scooter on Facebook.

It’s sad that many old dogs who have lost their owners face the same grim fate. They desperately need love to heal themselves, but most of the time no one wants them.

The new house will help Scooter forget that sadness ❤

In the case of Scooter the post has attracted many hearts around the world. Adoption applications are available as far away as Italy. In the end, people at the shelter chose a local woman named Jessica Howard to adopt Scooter.

Jessica is a rescuer with a kind heart, loves animals, she has rescued many dogs before. She promises to help Scooter and give him a comfortable life in his senior years.

Scooter is still facing a lot of emotional pain, but hopefully with the love from Jessica and her new brothers, Scooter will gradually come out of that loss to embrace his new life. me.

Recently, his state is much better, he usually dozes peacefully, because the nightmare of loneliness doesn’t bother him as much as before!…

Wish Scooter will have joy and happiness in the new home full of love.😢❤🙏🙏🙏

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