Man with broken leg spends $400 to find lame dog copying him

Turns out, Billy was just suffering from a case of sympathy!

Have you ever noticed that you continue to get closer and closer to your dog as the years go by?

At first we may start very close to them and we feel as if we are two peas in one. Soon, however, that relationship deepens, and sometimes it turns out in the strangest of ways.

No one understands this better than Russell Jones. He has a lurker named Billy, whom he holds dear, and the two of them are inseparable. In fact, Jones continued to take Billy for walks, even after he fell and broke his ankle.

As they were walking, Jones saw Billy doing something rather strange. Billy was limping and he could hardly put his left foot on the ground.

This really worried Jones, so he decided to take the dog to the vet and find out what was wrong.

A video has been posted on Facebook showing Jones walking down the street with his loyal follower, Billy, by his side.

Billy was walking with his left foot lifted off the ground, looking pathetic because he could barely walk and had a horrible limp.

After going to the vet, they had to shell out $400 for two different visits along with x-rays and painkillers. They still had no answer to the problem, so the vet said there was nothing they could do.

According to the People’s Pet Awards, when Jones brought Billy home, he couldn’t believe his dog would be in pain. Jones decided to run a small experiment. He let Billy out in the garden with his wife and the two of them playing with no sign of a limp.

That’s when it hit Jones. Billy wasn’t hurt, he was sympathized. It knows its owner is in a cast, so it will also limp.

Interestingly, things were on track about a month later. Jones posted another video showing the two of them walking together on the sidewalk. This time, however, Billy stripped off the mist and walked with a limp. Jones was forged.

Unfortunately, Billy would pass away about a year later. He had cancer and Jones took to Facebook to let everyone know that his beloved dog had passed away.

What is surprising, however, is that Billy brought so much love and laughter into the lives of so many people while he was here. We will miss you, Billy.

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