Man Saves A Dog Alone On A Deserted Island Without Food Or Water For Days

How can a dog be on a deserted island without food or water?

Screenshot via YouTube/Dodo

Wesley White was kayaking off Belize when he spotted the animal near a fishing shack on a remote island. Wesley was really surprised that in such a desolate place there was a dog in a state of starvation.

The dog is only skin and bones, perhaps because it has no food or drink, but it is still very friendly. Wesley called to see if anyone was around but no one answered, Wesley didn’t know how the dog ended up on the deserted island all alone, but now he knew he had to save the dog.

But Wesley faced a challenge. He told Dodo that he only had 36 hours until he left Belize. He wondered if he could get help to save the puppy in time.

As soon as he got back to the hotel, people came to help, some fetching cans of dog food, others finding the vet. Wesley brought the dog he saved ‘now named Winston’, back to the mainland to visit the vet but he was only able to stay for a very short time.

The vet, Dr. Mia, remained in touch with Wesley and let him know the dog would recover but he needed to find a foster. Thankfully, Wesley can arrange adoptions through the Belize Humane Society.

Foster carer Melanie adopted Winston after more than two months Wesley was updated on Winston’s progress, showing that he was growing and becoming stronger. Finally, it was time for Wesley to board a plane to Dallas.

But the reunion of Wesley and Winston still has a short way to go. Wesley had to drive in mid-January from Montana to Dallas.

Wesley wondered, would Winston recognize him?

Watch the touching ending to the story in the video below.

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