Man Adopts Two Abandoned Pit Bulls – Then They Repay Their Owner By Rescuing Him From An Attack

Two Pit Bulls Proved Their Love And Loyalty To Their Owner By Repaying Him.💖

Pits Are Amazing Dogs And So Loving.💖

Sometimes when you rescue an animal, they’ll rescue you in return. That’s what one man found out when his adopted dogs stepped up to save the day.

Robert McGowan found two pit bulls in a local shelter, the dogs had had a rough life and were abandoned.

The Pit bulls are the most common breed of dogs found in shelters, and their reputation as aggressive dogs scares people away from taking them in.

But Robert adopt his heart to the poor dogs, adopted them and named them Ellabelle and Ladybug.

Ladybelle and Ellabelle Settle Into Their New Home.💖

They’re very docile and timid, [They’re not aggressive at all.]

Soon, the pair of dogs were in McGowan’s home, where they spent their days napping and taking walks with McGowan and his family. Best of all, Ladybug and Ellabelle ‘weren’t ho.stile’ at all.

But in once recent incident, the dogs revealed their true character.

One night Robert was assaulted by four strangers. They punched him, gave him a black eye and intended to rob his car.

Bravo boys!💖

They demanded the keys, and Robert told him they were inside. Suddenly, the two pit bulls stepped up to their owner’s defense.

They stood there barking, making it clear that no one was going to hurt me anymore. The four people took off.

As for McGowan, other than being a little beaten up, he was otherwise OK. Best of all, the men had left empty-handed.

It’s a story that proves how loyal and loving rescue dogs can be. It’s easy to imagine how things might’ve been if Robert hadn’t taken them home. Robert implored people reading his story to consider adopting.

Ladybug and Ellabelle seem to love McGowan, and the feeling is mutual on his part.

Life is good.💖🙏

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