Judge Judy Released The Sto.len Dog Into The Middle Of The Courtroom To Let The Dog Choose Who Its Real Owner Was

This dog’s reaction is amazing! ❤

The bond between a man and his dog named Baby Boy is strong and undeniable. When his dearest friend suddenly goes missing, his entire world falls apart.

He later found out that his dog had been ‘sto.len’. The alleged thief sold the dog to a woman who in the first place did not know that the dog had been stolen. Of course she loves the dog, so when this woman was taken to court by the dog’s original owner, she fought to keep it.

Judge Judy found a simple, yet very effective, way to end this troubling situation. Judge Judy ordered the dog to be brought into the courtroom and placed on the floor. She closely monitors how the dog reacts, to see if it can figure out who its real owner is.

As soon as the dog was placed on the floor, it immediately ran to the man who was its former owner and began to jump on top of him, wagging his tail incessantly. This, it cannot be denied that the other man is the real owner of the dog.

The reunion was completely touching and brought the man to tears. Judge Judy decided shortly afterwards that the dog belonged to its rightful owner.

Thank goodness the puppy is back to its rightful owner, this poor dog went through a lot of longing, but now he’s happy to be back home and his real family. mine.

Losing a furry friend to theft is devastating, it’s a situation I wouldn’t want for my worst enemy.

But here’s why microchiping your dog is so important! If this dog had been microchipped, chances are the whole court case would have been avoided.

Watch the emotional and wonderful moment Baby Boy poodle runs to his rightful owner in the video below.

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