Jake’s A High-Class Collie Was Left In His Hiding Place For The Reason “No One Had Time”

The dog lived with them for 16 years now they use the excuse ‘No One Had Time’ to abandon it 🥲

The previous owner used the excuse of not having time

Animal shelters have a wide variety of dogs, and each dog has a story why it ended up here. However, most stories about dogs are heartbreaking. Like Jake’s a Senior Collie comes to Ohio’s Humane Society Serving Crawford County because the family doesn’t want to keep him anymore because “No One Had Time”.

Yesterday, a beautiful 16-year-old Collie dog came to us, she gave up because her family no longer loved him. After 16 years as a faithful companion, protector, guardian of children, now outcast “Humane Society writes on Facebook“. We gave him the quietest crib he looked around confused and scared. Nor did he question or fight… he followed me with the trust and wisdom of an old dog.

After stabilizing him, he immediately began calling and emailing his friends and those involved in the various rescues. Within hours, they had a rescue team lined up ready to pick her up.

Home Dog Rescue of Ohio agreed to accept Jake’s, when two volunteers came to pick up Jake’s they cried when they saw his old face but with a beautiful soul. One thing is for sure, this beautiful dog from now on will have the best life and full of love. “Written by Crawford Humane”.

After Jake was safe, the Humane Society had to share some of their thoughts on the story of the irresponsible owner who delivered their 16-year-old dog to a shelter and the cost of return. after the rescuers may suffer.

The Humane Society serving Crawford County shared:

There were lies told, excuses we heard, sad old dogs who made it up to themselves that it was best to leave and then just find peace and security. spending time with strangers in our final years, all at a cost to people like us, who have put their heart and soul into our work. There’s not one of us here who doesn’t cry for the lost. We are accused every day of being cruel and callous because we are forced to make difficult decisions due to human irresponsibility.

“We stop at Walmart, at dinner, and at school events to ask” how long before you put them down? ” as if that was the only reason we worked at an animal shelter. And when it’s time to make a decision, pets are brought here and surrendered because “we can’t do that to them” and “I think it’s easier for you because you do it all the time.”

We were told “I wouldn’t be able to work I don’t know how you do it” …… but we wouldn’t work anywhere else!! We’re working here because people can be cruel and irresponsible to dogs we know our work will make all the difference to each cute fuzzy face at a time and always give kisses to the dogs. until a dog in his hiding place finds a new home, where they will live in peace.

Jake is one lucky dog ​​that benefits from the commitment and dedication of dedicated rescuers.

Home Dog Rescue says Jake is being well cared for “he loves the leather couch and is comfortable living in Columbus.” They added, “Jake will be placed in the AHDRO Senior to Senior program so we can be sure he will have the best life and never become a homeless dog again.”

After first posting this story, Jake found a forever home. However, at the dog rescue house, there are many dogs who want to find a loving family. You can view their adoption listings on their website.

We are always grateful to our dedicated lifeguards and wish them all the best ❤️🙏🙏🙏

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