Humans Have Invented Food And Water ATMs For Wandering Dogs

These good ideas we need to spread everywhere, that will help homeless dogs not have to worry or think about the problem of finding every meal.

A great idea needs to be spread ❤

Videos of random acts of kindness should be some kind of Internet content that moves people’s hearts. We regularly witness citizens taking action and caring not only for others but even animals. Such an act has recently gained popularity among internet users.

A man has created a food and water dispenser to save stray dogs in his neighborhood. The installation is not only charitable but also quite creative. User @Thund3rB0lt posted a video of this adorable moment on Twitter, where it quickly became popular.

The video was shared on August 13 and has received over 2.9 million views and 105k likes. Two pipes are placed in the corner of a building in the small video. While one tube is filled with water, the other is filled with dog food.

The design of the pipe ensures that it is always filled and does not become empty for stray animals. The caption for the video reads: “He makes food and water dispensers for feral dogs. Honor and Kindness. “

Twitter users praised the great idea and how simple it is to keep stray dogs with the device. “What a completely genius idea…. This can also work with kittens.

He should patent this and sell it to local communities to be installed on all city buildings,” another user wrote. Another user commented, “This is great,” and another concurred, “Such a simple system!”

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