Heartbreaking moment watching my dear and loyal dog’s eyes slowly close forever

The man collapsed next to him when he saw his dog’s eyes closed.😢

Once dogs win their owners’ hearts with beautiful friendship and love, their loss can be devastating to their loved ones.

The man named Lauro Morales The owner of the Cappuccino dog, decided to capture the last moments of his close friend’s life on social networks.

Lauro’s dog is old for many years, this man decided to put the dog to sleep, before doing that he made a movie about 10 minutes long, that man treats the dog all sorts of things. he loved ‘including chicken’ before he passed away.

In tears, Lauro couldn’t bear to see the dog suffer, so he decided to take the Cappuccino on a car journey, feed it chicken, give it a bath afterwards to it goes.

Put an end to your dog’s good behavior by dismissing him. Despite the popular belief that man’s best friend is his dog, there are also people who care who will do anything for their pets and stand by them no matter what. what.

One of Lauro’s toughest days right now involves saying goodbye to his most loyal friend as shown in a video posted to TikTok by user _victorcaudillo.

In the 10-minute video, Cappuccino is sat down because he is too weak to stand. While the dog lay there watching his lifelong companion, Lauro groomed and bathed the Cappuccino creating memorable memories of his own.

The whole family came out, in tears, hugging Cappuccino and telling him that they loved and will miss him so much.

The man drove with the dog in the back of the truck, then a group of people brought the Cappuccino the last meal of chicken and biscuits. Cappuccino chopped up his dinner.

They said the inevitable parting. Lauro had anticipated the pain, but when he got there, the Cappuccino’s memories of his youth had just begun.

They went to the veterinary hospital and got everything ready for the farewell, with only ten minutes left to say goodbye.

In the video, Lauro is seen immediately hugging a Cappuccino, saying, “A lifetime of memories have passed through my mind.”

The video claims the dog was at peace during the procedure as Lauro never left the Cappuccino’s side until the dog’s heart stopped beating and its dear eyes closed to cross the rainbow.

As Cappuccino’s heart and breath grew weaker and quieter until he passed away peacefully in Lauro’s arms.😢😢😢

It seems that Lauro has disappeared in the form of a dog and given up on good.

For many people, this will be a sobering thought: “I wish dogs were forever;” but instead, their lifespan is shorter, and like Lauro, he makes the most of the time they have with his pets.

We pray that Lauro Morales’ heart heals and that he trusts that he has a guardian in heaven.🙏🙏🙏


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