German shepherd swims for more than 10 hours to save owner from capsized boat

Heidi has become a true hero in her country. She swam without pause to find someone to help them. The following story is related to an adorable dog who found herself against a rock and a hard place when she saw that her owner’s boat capsized with them inside in Queensland, located in Australia.

As reported by the Upsocl medium, the German shepherd, seeing that the boat capsized, began to swim to try to get help for him and his owner. Luckily for them, a fisherman who was walking near Moretón Bay saw the dog in the middle of the rubble of a boat, and when the fisherman saw the situation… he did not hesitate for a moment to call the authorities to launch a mission search and rescue to help its owner.

Immediately informing the authorities, they began to deploy all the means at hand to rescue the owner. They used four police vessels, a Rescue 500 helicopter, Volunteer Marine Coast Guard, a Queensland Marine Security jet ski and Volunteer Sea Rescue for this search.

After several hours searching for the owner of the boat, they finally found him clinging to his capsized boat without being able to move. The same man, the 62-year-old owner of Heidi, was immediately transferred to a much safer place and commented that his boat began to lose power the night before and as a result of that problem, water began to enter, capsizing his boat. with the owner and Heidi inside.

The man spent more than 13 hours in the water waiting for someone to come rescue him. He added that Heidi, his faithful furry companion, was swimming for more than 11 hours in total darkness in search of help.

After several hours of Heidi being in the water, she was pulled out of the water and taken directly to the vet for a checkup. She was given some food and plenty of rest after all, which is what she needed most before her owner returned.

It all ended in just a scare and they both recovered from it very soon.

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