Dog Reacts ‘In Amazement’ When He Realizes He Is About To Be Free And Have A Permanent Home

A video of a dog in the Carson Shelter Shelter in Gardena, California, is sure to surprise you if you’re an animal lover in general and a dog lover in particular.

The dog has been waiting for this moment for so long

Staff at Carson captured the moment a pitbull “realized” he was being adopted – and the dog reacted out of control because it was so overjoyed.

The dog, named Benny, was admitted to Carson Animal Care at the time when he was only 8 months old. However, Benny’s luck took a turn when a family came and decided to adopt him.

This anonymous family has given Benny a permanent home, and the moment Benny steps out of the kennel to be free is a sweet dog moment of joy.

Saving Carson Shelter Dogs accompanied the heartwarming video with the caption: “This special boy has captured the hearts of everyone who visits his kennel. Benny hit the jackpot when this beautiful family chose to take him home. Thanks to all of you for SHARE, check out his FREE RIDE with lots of jumps and tail wagging! Happy life sweet BENNY. “

At first, Benny seemed a little cautious. However, as soon as he realized he had been adopted, its tail began to wag incessantly and then began to jump continuously for joy.

The video has since been viewed more than 5.3 million times on Facebook. It also received more than 3.4 comments – the majority of which were wishing Benny all the best in his new home.

Watch the video below to see how happy Benny is:

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