Corgi Dog Born With 1 Eye And 2 Nose Was Miraculously Saved Before He Was Discarded By The Doctor

Nekku the dog was born with only 1 eye and 2 nose ❤

Genetic birth defects have caused this Corgi dog to be born with a different appearance. In addition to facial features such as having only one eye or two noses, the dog also has 2 fused vertebrae. Therefore, the veterinarian proposed a ‘de.ath sen.ten.ce’ to end his unwelcome life.

However, at that time, Jarmo Korhonen, from Finland, loved this special Corgi so much that he bought it and brought it home to take care of his other Corgis. He named the dog Nekku next to his brothers Niisku-Neiti and Karkki.

Nekku is now 8 years old and still enjoying a happy life.

Jarmo is a 38-year-old researcher, he shared that many people call Nekku a Beretta (name of a g.un) because its nose looks like a ‘do.uble-bar.reled pis.tol’.

Jarmo said: If I take Nekku for a walk in the city, it will not be comfortable. I occasionally have to stop to answer questions and comment on Nekku’s nose, eyes, and fluffy coat. Everyone loves the unique look of the dog.

When Nekku was young, I often saw Niisku-Neiti staring at her face, perhaps curious about her new friend’s appearance as well.

Without Jarmo, Nekku would not have survived.❤

Nekku’s mom and dad are both very good breeders, they are selected for performances and are planned to give birth to healthy puppies, but something is not right with Nekku.
The long, ruffled coat is a genetic fault of the Corgi, and the Nekku even has two noses and one eye, along with fused vertebrae on its back. The breeder and the veterinarian both confirmed it did not live long and would face many difficulties in the future.

They suggested getting rid of it, but I didn’t want Nekku to end up like that.

Jarmo recounted. Nekku currently lives in the countryside with Jarmo’s mother, but he still regularly meets and plays with Niisku-Neiti and Karkki. Despite all the challenges that God created, Nekku still surpassed expectations.

Nekku has vision problems, he has hit his head against walls and other dogs. So, I decided to bring him back to his parents’ house so he can live freely in a larger space. My parents are also very happy with Nekku’s presence.

Nekku’s current life shows that any living being has a need to live even when they encounter misfortune. So, if you can, help animals more to give them an even more fulfilling life.

It’s great that the dog was saved in time and had a happy ending

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