Cat lay down under his wanted poster and found his family

Fate decided it like this 🫣

When a pet is lost it is usually an eternal moment for its owners. Since in the midst of the desperation of wanting to find them, they must spread the information about the animal through posters, and go out to look for them on the street.

Many times these techniques do not work and the animal never appears. Although there are times when posters stuck on the walls and public street lighting can be very useful and pets end up showing up. That happened in Argentina, where a lost kitten was found lying just below one of his wanted posters.

Despite being something almost improbable, a user of the Twitter social network, called Camila Castoldi, found herself on the street with a sign attached to one of the light poles. The poster had been put up by Luis’s family, a white and yellow cat, who were desperately looking for him.

The animal had been missing for some time, so the family no longer had much hope of meeting him again and they already feared the worst. However, they did not count on the young woman to find one of the search signs along with Luis himself. That he was lying under streetlights.

The moment was so surprising that Camila recorded everything to show it to the world. «Luis, it seems to me friend that you wanted to be found. He wanted them to find him, “says Camila in her video. Luckily the young woman was able to contact her owners, who were very happy to have finally found it. So much so, that according to her now they send her photos of Luis so that she can find out about her day to day.

The video went viral on Twitter, where users of the social network congratulated the young woman’s gesture of not having been indifferent to the lost kitten. And to have contacted her family immediately, that she so wanted to meet him.

Share this amazing video with your friends and family. Where you can see Luis waiting to be found under his wanted sign. And where they will be able to see the intelligence of the animals, and the desperation for wanting to meet his family again.

Below you can see the video where the kitten is seen lying just below the search sign for him:

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