Boy Tells His Mother He Wants To Hold Their ‘’ Dog When She Goes To Heaven

The boy’s words and actions touched the hearts of dog lovers around the world.

A woman named Maria Henry Gay recently shared that her family had to say goodbye to their senior dog Buffy after some unexpected news.

One day Maria took Buffy, to the vet, for regular checkups and cleanings. When the doctor checked the results, Buffy was suffering from end-stage renal failure.

Maria said a difficult decision had to be made, then she decided that the best and most loving thing was to let Buffy go before she lost her will to live and stopped eating,” Maria wrote on Facebook. .

After learning that they had to say goodbye to Buffy Maria wanted to make sure her son Robbie was a big part of the decision and immediately picked up Robbie from school.

Her son, Robbie, knows a lot about the difficulties elderly pets face in shelters, and has been through a similar experience himself.

Robbie spent many years in the foster care system, where the boy suffered years of neglect and until Maria and her husband began to adopt Robbie. So it came as no surprise to her when Robbie told her he wanted to be the one to “hold Buffy while she goes to heaven.”

Maria shared the heartbreaking scene of her son crying when Buffy died in her heart.

I’m proud of Robbie for understanding the importance of caring for aging animals and helping to make sure they don’t suffer.

But it was his answer that moved his mother the most. He say:

“I know what it feels like to be unloved or cared for and I don’t want any animal to feel that way. I’m only sad when they go to heaven. It was a happy day for them. Thank you mom for being proud of me. Are you okay mom? “

Maria tells Robbie how proud she is of him. Robbie’s words and actions impressed not only his parents but many others.

One person commented: “So sorry to the young man and your family. It sounds like he has a good head on his shoulders and a great heart. “

Another said, “He is a special little man. God bless him, and his wonderful heart. “

And another reflected on how it feels to lose a pet, saying, “They gave us so much in their short lives, you gave her a peaceful and kind goodbye. You got through when she needed you, even though it hurt. You are both very brave today. I am very sorry about your loss. “

Robbie’s personal experience has given him wisdom and insight beyond his years.

Maria explains that for her son it’s not about how long a dog lasts in your life but how much you love them during that time.

He pointed out to his mother that she “only knew me for two years but you love me like it’s been forever.”

It should be noted that the family only adopts senior dogs, who they refer to as “our old folks”. And Maria said her family plans to continue adopting older dogs, ensuring that dogs like Buffy will be loved and cherished for a long time to be with them.

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