After Two Years Of Living Huddled In a Corner, The Shelter Dog Noticed A Familiar Smell

An inspirational story of hope ❀

The dog Pakita was found wandering the streets after he was brought to Argentina’s El Arca Animal Partido de Mar Chiquita, the volunteers immediately fell in love with him. But sadly, despite Pakita’s warmth, he was rejected time and time again by adopters because of a smaller dog.

His reality looks so sad, he sits sullenly in his crib every day. Pakita became depressed and depressed in many ways, he didn’t want to eat ants and lost a lot of weight. Seeing these things, the volunteers at El Arca were very worried.

A miracle happened β€πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

Within two years the volunteers tried everything to help Pakita have a home but to no avail. Finally, they resorted to social media, they posted a photo of Pakita and his biography on Facebook. But the whole challenge is no easy task. Pakita shivered and crouched in the corner, he didn’t even want to pose for a photo. In the end, they were able to get a decent shot.

Soon after, we received a text from a woman saying the dog belonged to her son and the family was looking for her!” Ferreyra told The Dodo.

A man named Ariel Naveira never thought that after 2 years he would see the dog again. Ariel has to accept that Pakita will never return home. But then his mother called Ariel after seeing the Facebook post. Ariel can’t believe it’s her dog. But Ariel went to the shelter the next day just in case.

Reunion of love πŸ’–

Volunteers took the dog Pakita out to meet Ariel, and he knew right away it was his dog and Pakita wasn’t so sure. “You can see in the video the dog looks hesitant and insecure but when the dog sniffs around he realizes…”

The dog Pakita wagged her tail excitedly and jumped up to hug Ariel and wait for the appropriate pats from her father. It may have been two years but he knows the smell, knocking that person down. All that wait 2 long years finally he dream come true!

The reunion of the dog Pakita and Ariel is sure to make many hearts flutter. Enjoy the video below and don’t forget to hug your furry pups and give them lots of love. πŸ’–

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